You’ll get only the best available materials in these hoops! ONLY THE BEST!!

PROformance Hoops promote quality family playtime, fitness and fun by delivering the safest, most stable and durable in-ground basketball hoop in the industry. The company’s team of athletes, engineers and field service representatives have been listening and responding to customer needs for more than 20 years. And their passion for basketball and outdoor entertainment can be found in the materials, construction, innovation and overall attention to detail that goes into every basketball goal that they deliver. No PROformance Hoops basketball system or accessory will hit the market until their own families and associates approve the  product’s safety, stability and durability. Basketball is what they do, value is what they deliver.

The basketball system that they engineer is designed with their customers in mind. Safety, durability and playability are three of the greatest concerns, so they’ve developed the best engineering and materials to build a basketball system that exceeds those expectations. Every nut, bolt and fastener used in the construction of a PROformance Hoops basketball goal is stainless steel. All of the steel goes through a multi-step corrosion-free coating process. Safety Tempered Glass and a Bolt-to-Steel engineered backboard protect against aggressive play. The dual cylinder Power Arc 90®” Lift Assist was designed for an easier and safer way to raise the backboard from 6’ to 10’. The Pier Mount Anchor System was added for a safer installation with less shake and vibration. They even went as far as engineering an NCAA and NBA regulation overhang.

PROview Series

The PROformance PROview® Series in-ground basketball hoop featuring ½” thick Tempered Safety Glass Backboard. The Hot Dipped Galvanized 7 Gauge Steel Pole and stainless steel hardware make it the ultimate corrosion-free hoop for any environment. Dunking on the adjustable 6’-10’ backboard has never been safer with the Bolt-to-Steel, Dual Spring Rim and Hide-Away net attachment. Top it off with PROformance’s Pole, Gusset and Backboard Padding and you have the safest, most durable and most stable hoop in the neighborhood.

Best Basketball Hoop & System

PROview 672

MSRP $3,299   Sale Price $2,599


  • 72” x 42” x 1/2” Fully-Tempered Glass, Steel-Framed Backboard
  • 4’ Extension from Pole to Backboard
  • 6” Square, Straight Steel Pole
  • Power Arc 90® Lift Assist
  • Core Connected Rim
  • NBA Style See through backboard
  • 2″ Square Structural Steel Backboard Frame
  • 48″ Pier Mount Anchor System
  • Static Rim Included
  • Pole Pad and Edge Pad (shown) not included
  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
Simply the Best!!! The PROView®series basketball hoop sets the standard for incredible playability and unbelievable durability for the most demanding athlete. Boasting a 7 gauge 6″ x 6″ steel pole, 42″ x 72″ 1/2″ Glass PROView backboard, core connected dual spring reflex rim and a Power Arc 90® Lift Assist, this basketball goal is the definition of PROformance tough.

PROforce Series

The PROformance PROforce® Series in-ground basketball hoop featuring 3/8” thick Tempered Glass Backboard is the perfect culmination of safety, durability, stability and value. The Electroplated Zinc coated pole and stainless steel hardware ensures a corrosion-free system for years of quality play. The Bolt-to-Steel, Dual Spring Rim and Hide-Away net attachment make it safe for all ages trying to dunk on the adjustable 7.5’-10’ rims.

PROforce 672

MSRP $2,499   Sale Price $1,999


  • 72” x 42” x 3/8” Fully-Tempered Glass, Steel-Framed Backboard
  • 3’ Extension from Pole to Backboard
  • 6” Square, Straight Steel Pole
  • External Tension Height Adjustment Mechanism
  • 2″ Square Structural Steel Backboard Frame
  • 48″ Pier Mount Anchor System
  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
The PROformance Hoops PROforce 672 delivers big game performance on a regulation-size 72″ x 42″ backboard mounted on a rock-solid 6″ square pole system. With a 3′ clearance under the goal, and with a 7′ 5″ to 10′ range of height adjustment, you will get years of challenging fun for everyone. The PROforce 672 really defines “Play like the Pros!!!”

PROformance Wall Mounts

PROformance Hoops understands that sometimes your space doesn’t allow for an in-ground basketball hoop. That’s why this line of wall mount adjustable basketball hoops are a convenient cost-effective choice when space is an issue or you have an indoor facility. The built-in adjustment mechanism can be operated from ground level using the removable crank handle provided. Adjustments from 6’ to 10’ can be made without the use of a ladder or clumsy crank attachments.

Wall Mount 72

MSRP $2,099   Sale Price $1,699


  • 42” x 72” x 3/8” Fully-Tempered Glass, Steel-Framed Backboard
  • External Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism
  • 3’ Extension from Wall to Backboard Adjustable from 6’ to 10’
  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
The PROformance Hoops WM72 Wall-Mount Adjustable Basketball Hoop features a 72” glass basketball backboard, a standard static rim, and a 3’ extension from the wall to the front of the backboard. With a simple turn of the height adjustment handle, the patented external Height Adjustment Mechanism easily adjusts the height of the basketball hoop from 6′ to 10′. With its rugged structural steel construction, the WM72 Wall Mount Basketball Goal is perfect for anyone looking for a wall mounted basketball system with the durability, rigidity and play of an in-ground basketball hoop. Product weight: 285 lbs.
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