Basketball Goal & Goals Madison WI


PlayN Wisconsin is your full service provider for everything basketball! We offer in-ground basketball goals for your driveway and backyard as well as wall-mounted hoops for indoor courts. Have an existing hoop? No worries! We will remove your old basketball hoop to make way for a new one or relocate an existing hoop to a new location. Our knowledgeable sale team will make the shopping experience easy and our talented in-house installation crew will make the installation experience hassle-free. We offer an indoor showroom open 7 days a week for you and your family to shoot around on 15 different basketball systems to feel the performance and see the features first-hand. Stop by to adjust the basketball height with smooth mobility and learn the difference between a 2-piece post and a 1-piece post. This is why we say, “Try it first at PlayN Wisconsin” because with so many options out there, do yourself a favor and make the trip into the only indoor basketball goal store in Wisconsin. Our wide selection of basketball hoops and accessories will surely fit your needs and budget.

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